Marketing Brilliance in the Shape of Bowl

Our Master of Marketing Award for today goes to DogFest Walk ‘n Roll – an event in support of the Canine Companions for Independence® organization.

Canine Companions for Independence provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge. The Canine Companions DogFest is a new income stream with 17 events out of the gate.

Today we received a product proof from our manufacturing facility for Canine Companions DogFest. When we opened the box, the ooh’s and aah’s began immediately. The piece traveled the office, delighting all who saw it. In short, this piece is brilliant.

Wish it had been my idea.

Cannine Companion DogFest bowl

Photo modified to be entirely misleading and more fun. The bowl fits most size six derrieres.

It is the biggest, yellowest dog bowl I have ever seen. It’s over a FOOT WIDE and deep enough to hold more than a gallon of water. Small children can sit in the dog bowl and watch TV. You could serve a meal for eight in it. Five very friendly dogs could drink at one time. It is impossible to hold this bowl in one’s hands and not put it on as a hat.

But the coolest thing about this bowl is that it is a HUGE visual reminder and educator about the organization. Recall that Susan G. Komen and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and many others rely heavily on the media visual – that huge swath of color representing a particular cause. This product, – this Dog Bowl – yes, it’s that good, will accomplish the same thing street by street and not on event day.

This piece will become coveted by hip, dog-friendly retailers. It will sit on every door step for thirsty dogs, screaming “I’m big, I’m yellow, I’m Canine Companions for Independence!”

The people who raise puppies for the organization will raise ANY amount of money to get this bowl so that they can put their own puppy in the bowl and take pictures. Parents, observing the utter coolness, will knock each other down to get a bowl so they can put human babies in the bowls and take pictures. CAT PEOPLE may want one they are so cool!

I had to ship the piece to the client for final approval today and it makes me terribly sad. I don’t even own a dog. You want one already don’t you? You can’t buy it. Just raise $250 for Canine Companions DogFest and it is yours.

One thought on “Marketing Brilliance in the Shape of Bowl

  1. Becky Lunders

    Pure genius, I say! And you should see it with one of those cute Canine Companions puppies who will one day grow up to be an amazing assistance dog who will change someone’s life forever! If you want to donate to this incredible organization, here’s the link to myu fundraising page: – Becky Lunders, DogFest Team Captain / Santa Rosa DogFest Walk & Roll


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