Race for the Cure Fundraising Tools

Fundraising Body StickersA lot of people think they are helping your cause just by showing up and walking on Race Day. The truth is, we need them to fundraise to really make an impact! These fundraising tools are designed to help participants raise more money and have fun in the process. No matter if you are Racing for the Cure or walking or plunging for another cause, these products will boost event income and create a buzz in the community before and during your event.

Body Stickers
Give your fundraisers a chance to raise more for your cause and recognize their donors at the same time.

Body Stickers are great because they help participants 1) make more asks (they’ll want to use all ten stickers) and, 2) make bigger asks (big donation = big sticker and strategic placement)!

Ideas for using this tool:

  • Give them to survivors since they are traditionally your greatest fundraisers and will most likely put them to good use.
  • Turn your corporate partners into fundraisers by giving this tool to their employees to increase participation and fundraising.
  • Use these as a reward once fundraisers hit a certain level. Then on Race Day, the people with the Body Stickers are recognized as high achievers. It will get people asking, “How do I get Body Stickers next year?”
  • Use as a last minute push to increase fundraising. Make body stickers available to pick up at specific locations just two weeks prior to Race Day.

Scratch and Give Fundraising ideaScratch & Give Cards
Get people talking about Race Day as they engage in conversation every time they make an ask. Scratch & Give Cards serve two purposes. They help participants 1) reach a fundraising goal(scratch all spots, raise $250) and, 2) have fun asking for money — who doesn’t love a scratch card!

Ideas for using this tool:

  • Trade a completed registration form for a Scratch & Give Card to encourage early sign-ups.
  • Give them to new recruits when they sign up to fundraise.
  • Distribute them to past fundraisers to motivate them to do more.
  • Have a challenge to see which company or group can complete the most Scratch & Give Cards in a week. Have money to support that effort and recognize the winner!

Both of these tools are found on Turnkey’s Nonprofit Tools store. Need other ideas? Contact me!

– This post written by Becky, Volunteer Management Guru
You can reach Becky directly at becky@turnkeywow.com or becky@totalteamworks.com.

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